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Sometimes we all need  help.  Sortedx3.  is here to help you maximize your Time.  Manage your Work.   &  Organize your Stuff.

About Us

Sortedx3. Time. Work. & Stuff.

Time is Finite...

It is important to use the time you have to maximize you.  Sortedx3. was founded by a professional organizer in Highlands Ranch Colorado  to help you in the areas of Work-- Focusing on Professional Time Management, Personal Calendar Priorities, and mastering the art of saying YES to the activities  and responsibilities  that you need and want to do and NO to the "time-sucking" activities that keep you from achieving your goals both professionally and personally.  Sortedx3. is your resource for creating a more peaceful and balanced life.

Work.  and more work...

Does your office need a "re-work"? are you finding it hard to concentrate? Sortedx3. can help create strategies to increase your business productivity in Highlands Ranch South & Metro Denver workplaces.   "Getting caught in the weeds" might be due to certain processes in your work day that have become inefficient.  Sortedx3. is able to help work through what is holding you back from being more productive.

Stuff.  Do I really need all of this?...

Most of us have too much Stuff.  Sortedx3.  Can help you organize your home, office, and time by helping minimize the amount of items you have in your way.

Sortedx3. Approach to Success.

Sortedx3.  creates a customized approach to helping our clients' management of their Time. Work. & Stuff.  Every client has unique circumstances so we tailor our approaches to each clients' needs.  Our process begins with in-depth consult in person or via the telephone.  The typical consult will take approximately 1 hour. This comprehensive consult will create the foundation and structure of our organizing sessions.  The main areas of focus:  Time and Task management--both personal and professional.  Workplace process improvement and the creation of effective whole office strategies.  "Stuff"  management--ranges from home organization to organizing a busy families' schedule.  We pride ourselves on our unique ability to also help your senior family member downsize a life time of memories and mementos.

Services & Pricing

Pricing structure is based on the nature of each project.  Hourly rate begins at 60.00/hour.  There are several options for billing based on the project.  

We love referrals!!  Refer your friends and family and receive an hour of organizing time FREE as a Thank-you.


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